Visual Graphics
These graphics were created for an academic user experience project to visualize the projects solutions for PTSD therapy. 
Tools Utilized: Photoshop, Illustrator
Solution involves smart watch, smart phone and a VR headset
One on One Therapy
Guided Meditation
Anonymous Group Therapy
Video Editing
This is a proof of concept video created for an academic augmented reality project, exploring the future of entertainment.
Tools Utilized: After Effects, Photoshop
3D Modelling
The 3D model was created to explain the concept as part of an academic project. The schools washrooms have tissues littered and water dripped all over the floor especially near the tissue dispenser. This solution helps create awareness of the excessive tissue usage while dripping water from hands go straight to the planters. 
Tools Utilized: Google Sketchup, Photoshop
This rendering was created for Tessellate Studio as part of a client deliverable.
Tools Utilized: Google Sketchup, Photoshop
Inspired from Theo Jansens Strandbeest, this was an exercise for an academic project to create a wearable device for anything apart from humans. The idea developed into a storyline portraying my shoes emotions to not wanting to step out. Thus, it is running away from me. 
Tools Utilized: Epilog Laser Cutter
These illustrations were created as part of a pitch presentation to the clients at NYU IT, for the university babysitting mobile application that connects staff and faculty members directly to the students.
Tools Utilized: Sketch
These are a part of a freelance project to design a logo for a start-up named, FloMotion. The design was finalized on the second one from the left in the bottom row..
Tools Utilized: Illustrator
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