Hi, my name is Karan. I am a User Experience Designer. In December 2018, I graduated with a Masters of Science in Integrated Digital Media from New York University.
I grew up in the bustling city of Bombay, where I graduated with a bachelors degree in architecture design, and went on to practice as a licensed architect for a few years.
I like to dabble and explore different creative formats. I enjoy working on experimental and speculative design projects as it keeps my creative juices flowing and has proved to be an effective way to think outside the box. Most recently I had been learning to work with Arduino for physical computing and wearable's, and I am currently learning Cinema 4D.
I am passionate about animals and the environment. I often work on ideas that can have a positive impact on our environment. In my free time I enjoy catching up on some movies but lately I've been a lot more entertained while watching the news. Also, I am an obsessive organizer.
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