Hi, my name is Karan. I am a User Experience Designer. In December 2018, I graduated with a Masters of Science in Integrated Digital Media from New York University.
I grew up in the bustling city of Bombay, where I graduated with a bachelors degree in architecture design, and went on to practice as a licensed architect for a two years.
I like to dabble and explore different creative formats. I enjoy working on experiential, experimental and speculative design projects as it keeps my creative juices flowing and has proved to be an effective way to think outside the box. Most recently I had been learning to work with Arduino for physical computing and wearable's, and I am currently learning Cinema 4D.
I am passionate about animals and the environment. I often work on ideas that can have a positive impact on our environment. In my free time I enjoy catching up on some movies. Also, I am an obsessive organizer.
Connect with me on LinkedIn, or click on the button below to check out my resume! 
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