Project Description:
The project was designed for NYU residence buildings reception to maintain package inventory received by mail and courier in an efficient and effortless way. The application can easily log a new package and immediately send a notification to the respective resident. It also provides the option for the resident to return the package without claiming them.
My Role:
I was introduced on the project to refine the low fidelity wireframes previously created by a senior designer. I was also handed the task of designing the logo for the application.
Package processing scenarios. The workflow maps the various situations we were creating the application to respond to once the package is received by the reception.
Logo Design
The first task at hand included designing a quick logo for the project. The criteria for the logo was to signify 'packages', but abstracted in the form that can be applied to expansion of services in the future.
Iteration 1
Iteration 2
Iteration 3
Design Iteration 1:
The two wireframes show below show the landing page of the application on the left and a comprehensive detail page of the first package in the list, on the right. The information on the detail page was divided in two halves vertically. The top half has the client details and the action buttons to its right. The bottom half has the timeline view of the package details.
To understand the details, let's look at the process of logging in a new package.
Creating a New Entry - When the package is received at the reception, they will take an image of the receipt on the box which will ascertain the details of which resident the package is addressed to.
Take Picture
Retake or Confirm
Add Details
Click on Done to add
Immediately after adding the image, a notification is generated to inform the respective resident of his package arrival.
The interaction created for the sign button is an effort to avoid navigation to another page. This reduces the overall pages required for site map of the application making it efficient in its minimalistic design.
Design Iteration 2:
After having created the first set of wireframes and showcased to the clients in an interim design meeting, they mentioned to create a few more feature that included a calendar view of the timeline. Further the designs were refined to be more fluent and streamlined. There are now essentially 2 views that can be expanded through the swipe up or down gesture. The 4 button on the top right involve the handling of the package and every stage.
It is a simple and minimalist design with all the information and interactions on 1 page.
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